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When I first turned 18, I knew I wanted a tattoo. Regardless of what some family and society told me, I knew I was ready for the commitment of a large back piece.

After searching around for the right shop and artist, I finally found Curtis at Tribal Rites in Fort Collins, CO. He had an incredible portfolio and many people eager to recommend him. I went for a consult, gave the $100 deposit, and made an appointment.

All of this was back in November 2011. As a gifted tattoo artist, Curtis was booked out for several months, leaving me to wait for my turn over the course of almost 5 months. My appointment is set for noon on March 29th, a mere 3 days away from today. Having already sat down for a final consult a few days ago, he is drawing up my design, and I am left wondering what amazing design he will come up with. The design I gave him for a reference is here, a silhouetted black tree, very similar to what I will be getting.

There is nothing better or worse than the anticipation of a life and body-altering event. Tattoo #3, here I come.

UPDATE: April 2, 2012

The first session for this tattoo went wonderfully. The progress so far can be found on the My Ink page under “Inner Beauty”

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