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My Story Ticks On…

I turned 18 November 5th of 2011, and since then I have clocked 16 and a half hours under the gun.

This has affected me most in how many times men ask me out for drinks… no other 18 year old has this much ink.

Surprisingly, I have more positive feedback than negative. People don’t see me as a flighty teenager who wants random tattoos. No, I am a girl who knows what she wants and who is is so far in life.

When I went and had my birds and foot feather touched up by Gus, he was so happy to see the amazing art I had found in the tattoo shops around Fort Collins. “It’s so cool that I gave you your first ink, and here you are with some amazing pieces.” he said, also noting how much better I was at tolerating the needle pain.

I have not once had someone call my tattoos cheesy, tacky, or poorly done. Even my grandmother (whom gasps whenever she notices a new piece of mine) has no negative things to say about my choice of art. Someday, my tastes may change, but I will always be able to look back and remember what has made me the person I am today.

When visiting family in Kansas (that speaks for itself in terms of their views on body modification) I mostly got the reaction of “You’ll regret that someday.” To this, I responded with the following: “I can’t think of a single thing in the past 18 years of my life that I regret. Every choice I made, every action, has made me into the person I am. Why would I start regretting things now?” At this they would shut their mouths, smile, turn around, and walk away. That always gave me a satisfying feeling in my gut.

I don’t plan on stopping the inking process of my life anytime soon. Every one that I get will mark a situation, realization, or self discovery that I have overcome or made. My story in ink has began and brought me many great places with many fantastic people. I wouldn’t give up any of this for the world.