Monthly Archives: May 2012


… my final back piece! All finished up and healed perfectly.

Thank you everyone for the financial and moral support throughout the whole process.

Curtis, you are an absolutely amazing.

It lightened up to be just the right shade.

The Canvas

I have found myself in quite the predicament. I have an idea for a tattoo that I am really passionate about, it being a compass rose my father used when mapping as a land surveyor. It resembles an arrow, but is very simple.

Now that I have began filling my skin canvas with ink, I need to consider how existing tattoos will fit together with future ones to flow nicely (for example, a sleeve).

I am unsure where to put this tattoo. I want space saved on my upper arm for a fox tattoo in the future. Calf maybe? Other inner or outer arm? I suppose I will need to consult with an artist for an opinion on how to make the design more elaborate so blending with future ones will be smooth and easy.

Anyway, opinions are welcome as to where I should place this.