Octopus Inspiration…

I’ve always been fascinated with octopus tattoos.

Not only are they mysterious in nature, but their fluidity makes them perfect for following the contours of the human bodies.

I have found a few examples that are bringing me closer and closer to getting one myself…



Advertisement Worthy

I was lucky enough to have my tattoo selected as the background for Runic’s new advertisement.

Looks like the public likes my fox as much as I do.

Again, great job Robzilla… I’m proud to have your creation on me for life.Image



My Story Ticks On…

I turned 18 November 5th of 2011, and since then I have clocked 16 and a half hours under the gun.

This has affected me most in how many times men ask me out for drinks… no other 18 year old has this much ink.

Surprisingly, I have more positive feedback than negative. People don’t see me as a flighty teenager who wants random tattoos. No, I am a girl who knows what she wants and who is is so far in life.

When I went and had my birds and foot feather touched up by Gus, he was so happy to see the amazing art I had found in the tattoo shops around Fort Collins. “It’s so cool that I gave you your first ink, and here you are with some amazing pieces.” he said, also noting how much better I was at tolerating the needle pain.

I have not once had someone call my tattoos cheesy, tacky, or poorly done. Even my grandmother (whom gasps whenever she notices a new piece of mine) has no negative things to say about my choice of art. Someday, my tastes may change, but I will always be able to look back and remember what has made me the person I am today.

When visiting family in Kansas (that speaks for itself in terms of their views on body modification) I mostly got the reaction of “You’ll regret that someday.” To this, I responded with the following: “I can’t think of a single thing in the past 18 years of my life that I regret. Every choice I made, every action, has made me into the person I am. Why would I start regretting things now?” At this they would shut their mouths, smile, turn around, and walk away. That always gave me a satisfying feeling in my gut.

I don’t plan on stopping the inking process of my life anytime soon. Every one that I get will mark a situation, realization, or self discovery that I have overcome or made. My story in ink has began and brought me many great places with many fantastic people. I wouldn’t give up any of this for the world.

Round 2

My feather tattoo has finally healed 100%, including the expected fading due to the fact that it’s on my foot.

Now comes the time to get it touched up. Ben, my original artist, has moved to Runic Tattoo and Piercing in Fort Collins. I’m excited to check out a new shop with an old friend. Lets hope the shading doesn’t prove to be as painful as I remember.

Maybe my birds will get a little touch as well, we’ll just have to see.


… my final back piece! All finished up and healed perfectly.

Thank you everyone for the financial and moral support throughout the whole process.

Curtis, you are an absolutely amazing.

It lightened up to be just the right shade.

The Canvas

I have found myself in quite the predicament. I have an idea for a tattoo that I am really passionate about, it being a compass rose my father used when mapping as a land surveyor. It resembles an arrow, but is very simple.

Now that I have began filling my skin canvas with ink, I need to consider how existing tattoos will fit together with future ones to flow nicely (for example, a sleeve).

I am unsure where to put this tattoo. I want space saved on my upper arm for a fox tattoo in the future. Calf maybe? Other inner or outer arm? I suppose I will need to consult with an artist for an opinion on how to make the design more elaborate so blending with future ones will be smooth and easy.

Anyway, opinions are welcome as to where I should place this.

New Decades…

Any person who doesn’t have experience in the tattoo world automatically has a mental image of the biker bar, old style tattoos. As a more simple and iconic form of art, it has lasted throughout the American decades, claiming many to it’s bold, blocky, and simplistic style.

The times are a-changin’ and so it the artwork tattoo artists are using. An out of the box approach has taken over, leaving the inked world covered with anything and everything imaginable. I stumbled across a great example of such work with Tattoos by Xoil. Their work is filled with fluidity and contrasting colors that set it quite a few bars above the rest. This French artist is bringing a new dimension to the tattoo world, one that is greeted with excitement and praise for creative ingenuity.


Knowing so many great tattoo artists and their work has been a great privilege. I live in a city full of creative, gifted, and talented people. With this in mind, I stumbled upon a website dedicated to the terrible, unique, and disgusting tattoos that people, unfortunately, end up with.

This site reminds me to not judge to harshly when viewing peoples tattoos because, quite frankly, they could be MUCH worse… go ahead, take a look for yourself: TattooFunny


Ink Tip #3

4 days away from my tattoo appointment I am coming down with what I assume to be a cold. My throat hurts, my body aches, and I’m extremely tired. This raises the question: Is it okay to get a tattoo while you’re sick?

Getting inked is hard for your immune system, doing “damage” to your skin that makes your immune system kick into high gear to heal it. Having a cold can occupy your bodies immune system, either causing your tattoo to heal a bit slower or make your cold last longer than usual. When it comes to major illnesses such as battling cancer, consulting with your doctor first is a must. Some tattoo artists require or would like to have permission from a doctor before performing a tattoo.

The bottom line? Yes, you can get a tattoo while you have a small cold. The experience of getting inked may be a little more painful, and it may not. It depends on the circumstance. Expect to take longer to get over your cough or bug. Other than this mild raise in discomfort, there is no reason your body can’t handle a tattoo and a cold at the same time. If you ever have a doubt about the safety of getting a tattoo with your health problems, consult your doctor openly about the subject.

I scheduled this appointment back in November of 2011, so I’m going to be a trooper and go through with finishing my back piece. Lots of Vitamin C and rest will hopefully get me a little better before then!

Stay healthy and happy inking!

Unfinished Business…

Having a tattoo partially done is the weirdest feeling. Friends, family, and strangers see and comment on my ink, but my disclaimer of “It’s not finished yet” always follows. Lines don’t quite meet, parts are not shaded, and sections seem done on accident. So far it looks better than a lot of tattoos I’ve seen, but it will only get better.

I have more respect for people who have even larger tattoos, some of which take years to complete. It’s a long process, but so is life. “It’s the journey, not the destination” somewhat applies here. April 29th, bring it on!